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The title page spread

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

The title page spread is a vestibule to the book. Use it to present the contents in a dignified and impressive manner. I almost always prefer a two-page title spread with a striking photograph spread on both pages.

This first example uses a photograph of the Millau Viaduct in south-central France, a stunningly beautiful and very large cable-stayed bridge.

In this second example, the title had a long subtitle and a longer explanatory line after it. I spread the text across both pages and centered the photo from the cover on the spine. I intentionally cropped off the top of the airplane so as not to show clearly whether it was a Boeing or Airbus plane (it’s an A320).

Similar to that is this title spread from the history of as regional college:

This is the title spread of Ice & Fire, a book about the incredible adventures of a ship’s captain, fisherman, scuba diver, and all-round adventurer. This shows the strong, dangerous ocean waters in the Bering Sea. Ice & Fire was printed in full color as a print-on-demand book at KDP.

If you choose to use a two-page title spread, it must be preceded by a one-page false title.

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