Practical Approaches to Early Childhood Professional Development


This was a 304-page book about recent developments and best practices in the field of training and professional development. It was written  for an audience of university-level educators. I laid out the main text in two columns on an 8.5 x 11″ page, flush left and ragged right. For some elements, such as short scenarios, some tables, and the references for each chapter, I set them the full width of the text page (i.e., as wide as both columns).  I chose Goudy Old Style for the body text because it has an intriguing calligraphic quality in the gentle curves of the stems and serifs; and Rotis for the display heads, which is a deceptive hybrid of sans serif and serif, seeming to be nondescript but with unusual curves and unbalanced serifs. I think the combination of the two families produced a handsome text with nice color and a traditional look set off by the more contemporary quality of the heads.

Click on the book cover above to see a sample of the first part of the book (pp. i–19) in a Flash file.


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