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This book is about building very large construction projects—megaprojects. I edited and designed Megaprojects: Challenges and Recommended Practices, by David Hatem and David Corkum, published by the American Council of Engineering Companies.

I chose Chaparral as the basic text face because it has squared-off serifs that impart an industrial look without being true slab-serifs. Chaparral has a small x-height, which allows a good amount of interlinear white space to make it easier to read. Also, Chaparral looks like the book was set in metal type and printed letterpress. I used Franklin Gothic for the subheads, running heads, and captions; Bank Gothic for the chapter numbers; and Eurostile for the chapter titles.

The trim size is 8″ x 10″, slightly smaller than a traditional 8.5″ x 11″, which helps it stand apart on the book shelf. The book consists of 19 chapters in 2 parts, plus front matter and index. For the chapters, I placed a 9 pica tall image the full width of both pages on every spread in the chapter. The photographs showed many megaprojects—most of them bridges because bridges are very long and fit the shape of the image, and they are probably the most recognizable large projects encountered in every day life.

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