Paintings 1975-1999

God-man, Gay Man thumbnail
Man Woman Middle Passage thumbnail
Couples IV thumbnail
Two Figures thumbnail
Woman with Two Figures (Mary) thumbnail
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God-man, Gay Man
Man Woman Middle Passage
Couples IV
Two Figures
Woman with Two Figures (Mary)
Man Dream

God-man, Gay Man, oil on paper, ©1998, 38" x 29"

"Man Woman Middle Passage," oil on paper, 34" x 30", ©1998

"Couples IV," oil on canvas, 84" x 48", 1981

"Two Figures (Adam and Eve II)," oil on canvas, 72" x 48", ©1997

"Woman with Two Figures (Mary}," oil on canvas, 24" x 54", ©1997

"Man Dream," oil on canvas, 42" x 31", © 1998

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